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Oh how I love people...

 It never fails to amaze me how stupid people really are. I mean, does everyone in the world always have to feel the need to demean people even when the person demeaning is wrong? 

I was at work ringing up a customer and doing my job(and doing a pretty damn great job if I do say so myself). The customer stopped me midway and said in a stuck up tone, "The ice cream is buy one get one free." I look at the ice cream and nicely inform him that he got Turkey Hill and the buy one get one free sale only applies to Hagen Diaz. Before I go on any further with this rant I just want to ask, how the hell do you confuse TURKEY HILL with HAGEN DIAZ. They don't even sound, look, or taste the same! Continuing...This for some reason pissed the customer off and he responded "No it's not. I'll show you the damn sign!" I sighed and followed him down isle 4, the frozen foods isle, only for him to lead me to a sign that says 'Hagen Diaz 16 oz. Buy one Get one free'. He starts yelling saying the sign was there just a minute ago, as if it pulled itself off of the freezer and walked away. He thought I replaced the sign when I was clearly on my register ringing him up. I told him maybe he read it in the flyer, to make him look less like an idiot and he said he did, last week. Our sales change every Friday and so I informed him that it was probably an old sale which isn't valid anymore. He starts cursing and screaming that the store was out to get him and that we were a rip off(While I don't deny that the store I work at is a rip off, I doubt we were out to get him, stupid man). We walk back to my register and I continue to ring him up, while he continued to scream and curse at me and the managers. I told him his total and he was like what the hell! Apparently 6 bucks is a lot of money for 10 yogurts(10 for 5 dollars) and parsley(99 cents each). He yelled some more telling me I didn't take off the ice cream. Evidently the idiot failed math too. I told him if I didn't take off both of the ice creams(which would have totaled to be 12 dollars or 2) it would have been 18 dollars. His reply was to throw six dollars in my face and say "Fine but I'm never coming back here again." I opened my register an
d took out a penny ripped the receipt out and threw the penny and receipt down and said "Please don't. Thank you and have a wonderful day." 

Ah, stupidity at it's finest. People are very very lucky that I am a nice person cause I should have punch that guy in the mouth for being so bitchy to me. I didn't even get an apology. If you know your wrong, just admit it. There is absolutely  no reason to react like that. And it's not like I was even real nasty to him either. Grr, I guess I'll just never understand.

Random fact about the Author: She does not enjoy criticism even though she embraces it...yeah weird...